Farm Startup and Apprenticeship Program

Learn How to Start Your Own Farm

GreenWave is training the next generation of restorative ocean farmers. We provide hands-on training for our apprentices to learn everything they need from seed to harvest. If you’re interested in becoming a farmer apprentice, please fill out the form below.

Curriculum Includes

GreenWave provides hands-on support navigating the multi-species permitting process. This includes working with legislators, farmers, shoreline residents and other stakeholders to ensure both communities and farmers’ interests are reflected in the permitting and policy making process.

We provide hands-on training in our Connecticut-based floating classroom. Our apprentices learn everything from how to seed and perform farm maintenance to harvesting and quality control.

Creating value-added products is a great way to increase the value of your harvest. GreenWave supports our apprentices through value-added workshops that teach everything from product packaging and shipping to HAACP compliance and building your own distribution channels.

We provide brand and marketing support to all of our apprentices. GreenWave has been fortunate to receive requests and support from a wide variety of buyers. Our job is to ensure that everything you grow will find a market.

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